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 Welcome to Prince Edward Medical!

We see patients of all ages and offer comprehensive care, including preventative care.


AS OF AUGUST 1, 2017, WE ARE NOW A NEW FHO (Prince Edward Medical Family Health Organization) AND OUR AFTER HOURS CLINICS WILL BE HELD AT OUR OWN LOCATION MONDAY TO THURSDAY (5:30pm-8:30pm) AND SATURDAY (9am-12pm).


We are pleased to welcome three new family doctors to PEM!

Dr . Laura Thomas, Dr. Meera Nathwani, and Dr. Mehvish Mehrani

All 3 doctors practice comprehensive medicine and see patients of all ages.


As part of our agreement with the Ministry of Health, creating this new FHO mandates that 70% of our patients reside in ministry designated “high needs areas”.

Creating this new FHO allows us to better serve our patients, as all after-hours services will be available at our own location and our doctors can cross cover each other when we are away or working at the hospital.

As we already had some patients prior to the creation of this new FHO, we will grandfather them in the new practice, regardless of the postal code.  However, for all NEW patients,  priority will be given to patients in the designated postal codes, so that we do not lose our FHO status (and thus after hours services).  If we meet our criteria of 70% once current patients are accounted for, we will start accepting patients from any postal code.

Please contact the clinic to determine if YOUR postal code is eligible and make an appointment.

If you do not live in a designated postal code area and want to join our clinic, we will add you to your wait list. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

REMEMBER: Always come 10 minutes early to your appointment, bring a VALID health card and all your medications to each visit. We do NOT make reminder calls.

If your health card is not valid, or if you are late for your appointment, you will be charged the appropriate OMA rate for your meet and greet appointment will be re-booked at the next available new patient slot. For more information, go to the Your Visit section.

ALSO NOTE: It is a clinic policy to not allow transfers between physicians.


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After Hours Clinics

Please call (647) 345-3048 for more information.