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We believe that most of health is prevention, living a healthy lifestyle that includes mental and physical well-being.

We will do our best to see our patients in a timely manner. If an issue is urgent (e.g. child with fever, urinary tract infection, severe rash, etc.), best efforts will be made to accommodate same-day appointments. Call us as soon as you can in the morning and let the front desk know that you have an urgent issue. Please understand that in order to reduce wait times for regular appointments, same day appointments are usually pre-selected time slots.

To book an urgent appointment, call our office and speak with a staff member. To book a non urgent appointment you can call our office or email us. Please understand that email is ONLY for booking purposes and medical advice will NOT be given by email. Emails are not answered urgently and may take up to 3 business days to reply.

For non-urgent visits we will try to see you within 2 weeks.

Periodic health and well-being visits may take longer to book as they are not urgent.

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After Hours Clinics

Please call (647) 345-3048 for more information.