After Hours Services

Prince Edward Medical offers after hours services for urgent issues to our patients every Monday to Thursday (from 530pm to 830pm) at our own location!

Starting in November, we will offer urgent visits on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm.

Use this service for 2 reasons:

1. As part of a FHO, we are funded by OHIP to offer you these services to reduce unneeded tests and treatments. Using a walk in or urgent care clinic, results in OHIP penalizing us financially each time you see a doctor that we did not refer you to.

2. The after hours clinic allows the treating doctor to have access to your chart, and your own doctor to see exactly what happened at the visit, including any tests or follow-ups that are required. This helps reduce lost tests and follow up visits (that are often done via telephone).

This system is both in your best interest and Ontario’s healthcare, as it reduces unneeded tests, antibiotic use and allows your doctor receive all reports in a timely manner. It also reduces your wait time, as a specific appointments time will be given to you.

Call our office to book an appointment.

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After Hours Clinics

Please call (647) 345-3048 for more information.